RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro LEL Monitor for Combustible Gases

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A top of the line gas detector for Lower Explosive Levels (%LEL), the ToxiRAE Pro LEL from RAE Systems is available in either wireless or non-wireless configurations, and provides real-time %LEL levels on an easy-to-read display. This sophisticated gas detector for confined space work, steel mills, gas works, and other heavy industry and site maintenance is so small you'll hardly notice it unless it goes into alarm. With intrinsic safety, data log transfer, and a design both tough and small, it is an all-business LEL detector.

Key Features:
  • Sensitive and accurate detection: The ToxiRAE Pro LEL sensor is capable of detection from 0-100 percent of LEL, providing you with wide range sensitivity to assess levels around the site
  • Real-Time Data Transfer: The wireless transmitter allows remote monitoring of sensor and alarm levels enabling your remote team to react quickly to on-site emergencies
  • A wide range of correction factors: The ToxiRAE Pro LEL has 55 correction factors built in to allow measurement of a wide range of combustible gases
  • Large, clear display: The ToxiRAE Pro LEL features a large LCD display constantly showing gas levels and alert information
  • Triple Alert: The The ToxiRAE Pro LEL unit features a triple alarm system of vibration, visual and audible alerts, so the user can be certain to know about any danger quickly no matter what the working conditions are like
Incredibly durable design provides the The ToxiRAE Pro LEL with industrial levels of concussion and water resistance, as well as HAZLOC certification, giving complete confidence to teams using the The ToxiRAE Pro LEL in dangerous, confined spaces.

Data logging is standard on all ToxiRAE devices and can easily be retrieved for analysis and archiving. Data logging provides the safety support team with easy to access information about the activity and environmental contact of your gas detectors to comply with OSHA standards and requirements.

Automatic testing and bump calibration are available when the unit is used with the AutoRAE 2 Calibration and Bump Test Kit.

Included with the ToxiRAE Pro LEL:
  • A strong clip, letting you easily fix it to shirts or belts, keeping it handy and on your person while you work
  • A concussion-proof boot to protect the unit from falls, drops, bangs and spills on-site
  • A charging cradle and communication cable provide a simple method for data retrieval as well as recharging the batteries of the ToxiRAE Pro LEL diffusion monitor
  • ProRAE Studio software is included to help manage and analyze the information from around your site
A versatile and reliable gas detector the ToxiRAE Pro is ideal for gasworks, oil rigs, refineries, chemical plants, environmental applications, welding projects, sewer engineering and any other confined space work sites where explosive and combustible gases are a potential danger.

Please Note: A non-wireless ToxiRAE Pro cannot be reconfigured later to include wireless capabilities.

How Often Do I Need To Calibrate My Monitor?

List of LEL Correction Factors for the ToxiRAE PRO LEL

Part Numbers:
G02-B030-000 - Non-Wireless
G02-B034-000 - Wireless
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Price $591.00
SKU RAE01-G02-B03_-000
Weight 0.5200
Brand RAE Systems
MPN G02-B03_-000
Type Single-Gas
Gas Type LEL
5th Sensor No
Color No
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