RKI Instruments GX-2012 Multi Gas Detector

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Weighing only 4.6 ounces, the GX-2009 4-Gas Monitor from RKI Instruments detects hazardous gas levels. Passively monitoring the four standard gases (carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen and LEL), the GX-2009 alerts the wearer of potential dangers via dual audio alarm ports and LEDs on three sides of the monitor.

Hazardous and flammable, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) has a strong "rotten egg" smell, and occurs naturally in a number of ways. H2S is produced by natural gas and crude petroleum. It also occurs during the breakdown of human/animal waste and other organic matter. Because hydrogen sulfide is heavier than air, it collects and poses a serious danger in confined spaces with no adequate ventilation.

Carbon monoxide (CO) in high concentrations can be very dangerous. It can cause extreme neurological injury; exposure can cause illness leading to coma and even death. Carbon monoxide is produced on job sites in a number of common ways: portable generators inside buildings, welding and gas-powered pumps and other fossil-fueled engines operating in confined space. CO acts quickly, and because it is odorless and colorless, it can overcome a worker with little or no warning.

Oxygen (O2) is dangerous to workers in high concentration - where combustion of this flammable gas is possible - and in low levels where lack of oxygen makes respiration difficult or impossible. Oxygen levels must be constantly checked to ensure that workers in confined space are safe.

Lower Explosive Levels (LELs): the sniffer checks a broad range of potentially combustible particles, which can arise from many different industrial scenarios. The LEL is a minimum concentration of gas or vapor needed for ignition to occur. This unit includes rechargeable NiMH batteries and an optional charger.

Key Features:
  • IP-67 Protection provides contamination and water protection within a sturdy rubber housing that also protects it from falls and shield it from RFI interference
  • Dual sonic alarm ports: You can be sure you will hear it, no matter how noisy the work site
  • Long battery life: 20 hours on a single charge from the Ni-MH battery
  • Large LCD screen displays gas levels constantly, and automatically lights when alarm levels are reached
  • Data logging: Eight alarm trends, peak values and up to 300 hours of logs
  • Intrinsically safe: CSA, C/US classified, IECEx / ATEX approved
  • 2-year warranty
  • Replaces GX-2001
Remember to calibrate every six months and regularly perform bump tests.

Part Numbers:
72-0314RKC - With charger
72-0314RK - No charger
81-GX01HSCO-LV - Calibration kit
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Price $995.00
SKU RKI01-GX-2012
Weight 0.8000
Brand RKI Instruments
MPN GX-2012
Type Multi-Gas
Gas Type %LEL, O2, H2S, CO
5th Sensor None
Color Red
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  1. Manuel Robayo

    2018-01-23 20:32:11

    This question is concerning the RKI Instruments GX-2012 Multi Gas Detector, how often do you need to calibrate it?

    1 answer
    1. Hannah .

      2018-01-26 17:46:12

      For most RKI monitors, the calibration frequency is recommended to be done every 90 days.

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