RKI Eagle Meth Lab Gas Detector 72-5528RK

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Meth labs create an incredible amount of toxic waste and are a chemical hazard for law enforcement and emergency responders. Many of the chemicals found in labs are highly corrosive and flammable. The vapors created during the manufacture of the drug can permeate the walls and floors of a structure. To help first responders, RKI Industries, a leader in gas detection technology, has created the Eagle line of gas detection units. This model, the Eagle Meth Lab Detector, helps alert users to high levels of gas and vapors common to meth lab environments, such as: carbon monoxide (CO), ammonia, oxygen (O2), and phosphine in the air and alert them to dangerous levels of these gases.

The Following Gases Are Monitored:
  • Oxygen (O2): High levels of oxygen are highly combustible, while low levels can cause headache, dizziness, trouble breathing, asphyxiation, induce coma, and death
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO): Odorless, colorless and poisonous, CO is an important gas to monitor, as it is emitted from a range of household and industrial equipment (fireplaces, welding kit, propane fueled cook stoves etc)
  • Phosphine: Highly toxic as well as explosive, phosphine can produce systemic detrimental effects on the body, and prolonged exposure risks heart, kidney and liver damage
  • Ammonia: A severe respiratory irritant, ammonia can cause extreme and fatal damage to the respiratory tract at high concentrations, while long-term exposure at low levels can also lead to chronic respiratory symptoms
The Eagle Has Two Alert Modes:
  • Sonic (a 95dB audible alarm)
  • Visual (two bright, wide angle LEDs are present on the front of the device)
  • Strong design: Durable, chemical and water resistant polycarbonate housing makes The Eagle capable of taking the worst of most industrial work sites
  • Powerful pump: Built around a large active sampling pump, The Eagle can draw air from up to 125’ away, with appropriate hosing. It comes complete with a five-foot hose for confined space access and analysis. A low-flow alarm and shutoff protects the pump from damage, too.
  • 30 hours battery life: Alkaline batteries give you up to thirty hours of continuous use
  • Alarm-silencing: Work without disturbing the neighbors in residential areas by silencing the audible alarm
  • Self-testing and auto calibrating, the Eagle series makes maintenance as simple as possible
  • Data logging is standard with The Eagle gas sniffers
  • Simple interface with large buttons makes it incredibly easy to use and make it a breeze to operate, even when wearing gloves
  • Comfortable to wear: A shoulder strap and a large, easily gripped handle let you effortlessly use the unit and keep it on you at all times
  • Great for environmental work: A methane elimination switch makes it ideal for this work
Available Accessories:
  • Long sample hose
  • Special probes
  • Dilution fittings
  • Continuous operation adapters
  • Remote alarms and strobes
  • Internal hydrophobic filter
Part Number:
  • 72-5528RK

(To order calibration kit, please contact customer service)
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Brand RKI Instruments
MPN 72-5528RK
Type Multi-Gas
Gas Type CO, O2, PH3
5th Sensor No
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