RKI Eagle LEL/O2 Monitor 72-5201RK

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From the solid line of Eagle sniffers manufactured by industry leader RKI Instruments, this gas detector actively monitors for oxygen (O2) and LELs (lower explosive levels) in the air and alerts the operator to dangerous levels.

Oxygen (O2): Combustible in high concentrations, and dangerous in low levels for the obvious reasons, oxygen monitoring isn't just another OSHA-imposed pain in the neck; it's a vital safety measure for your workers.

LEL (Lower Explosive Levels): LEL hydrocarbon detection can save a worker's life. The Eagle uses its powerful internal pump to monitor gas levels from up to 125 feet away. A variety of compounds can emit potentially flammable particles. The Eagle detects a large array of volatile compounds to see if the overall levels in the atmosphere pose a threat.

The Eagle Has Two Alert Modes:
  • Sonic (a 95dB audible alarm)
  • Visual (two bright, wide angle LEDs flash on the front of the device)
  • Heavy-duty internal pump: Complete with a 5-foot sampling hose, the pump can actually drawn samples from up to 125 feet of hose, making it an incredible versatile detector, which also includes a low-flow alarm and shutoff to prevent damage to the air
  • Long battery life: Alkaline batteries give you up to 30 hours of continuous use
  • Durable design: The Eagle features an ergonomic, EMI and chemical resistant polycarbonate case, suited to the rigors of industrial work
  • Alarm silencing: Turn off the audible alarms for work in residential areas so you can sample discreetly
  • Auto-calibration and self-testing ensures you are aware of any potential maintenance issues
  • Continuous data logging is in place with the Eagle, letting you analyze and monitor worksite conditions
  • Easy to navigate: with a large display, operation is easy, even with gloves on
  • Comfortable: A shoulder strap and a large handle ensure that it’s never a pain to use
  • A methane elimination switch: The Eagle is ideal for environmental work
Additional Available Accessories:
  • Long sample hose
  • Special probes
  • Dilution fittings
  • Continuous operation adapters
  • Remote alarms and strobes
  • Internal hydrophobic filter
If you need more portable detection, RKI industries also offers the 01 Series of passive detectors and the GX-2003, a compact multi-gas monitor.

Part Number:
  • 72-5201RK

(To order calibration kit, please contact customer service)
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Weight 25.0000
Brand RKI Instruments
MPN 72-5201RK
Type Multi-Gas
Gas Type %LEL, O2
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  1. Kathy Miazga

    2014-02-19 22:26:53

    How often does this unit need to be calibrated & do you offer calibration kits for sale?

    1 answer
    1. Justin McCarter

      2014-02-19 22:26:53

      Calibration will depend on the frequency of use as well other factors. Here’s a link that explains some of the issues: <a href="">How often do I need to calibrate? </a><br>
      As a general rule if you use the monitor daily, you can calibrate every month, if you use it weekly, calibrate quarterly, and if you use it very infrequently, calibrate before each use. <br>
      As far as the calibration kit does, the Eagle I does has a kit available. It adds $530 to the price of the monitor and includes:
      Long sample hose<br>
      Special probes<br>
      Dilution fittings<br>
      Continuous operation adapters<br>
      Remote alarms and strobes<br>
      Internal hydrophobic filter <br>
      The Eagle I does not have an available Calibration Station which will calibrate and bump test the unit automatically.
      The Eagle II does have an automated Calibration Station.

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