RKI Eagle Confined Space Monitor 72-5401RK

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A versatile, heavy-duty gas monitor, the Eagle sniffer from RKI Industries has a strong internal pump that can sample air from over 125 ft. The Eagle will actively monitor carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide, oxygen (O2) and LEL (lower explosive levels) in the air and alert the wearer to any dangers.

Gases Monitored By The Eagle:
  • Oxygen (O2): Dangerous in high concentrations due to its flammability, and in low amounts for the obvious reasons, oxygen detection is crucial for any team working in a confined space area.
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO): Causing neurological damage in high levels, carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to coma and death. What makes CO especially dangerous is the fact that it is produced by so many different and common sources on a jobsite: portable generators in enclosed areas, welding, and gas-powered pumps all produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. This gas acts against unprotected workers quickly, and because it is often odorless and colorless, can overcome team members with little or no warning.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S): Explosive, toxic, and smelly, H2S is an irritant that can cause respiratory failure with prolonged exposure. Hydrogen sulfide is produced by the breakdown of waste, in sewers for example, and in the production of of crude oil and natural gas. Because it is heavy, H2S can fill up a confined space that lacks adequate ventilation and lead to a deadly environment for workers.
  • Lower Explosive Levels (LELs): Also called Flammability Limits, LELs are the proportion of particles or gases in a mixture that have the ability to produce combustion. The Eagle will monitor a range of combustible particles produced by various industrial and household substances and warn operators when levels of combustion have been reached.
Should It Detect Dangerous Levels The Eagle Has Two Alert Modes:
  • Sonic (a 95dB audible alarm)
  • Visual (two bright, wide angle LEDs are present on the front of the device)
  • Rugged design: An EMI and chemical resistant polycarbonate case is intrinsically safe, water resistant and suited to the toughest of industrial work environments
  • Powerful active sampling pump: Capable of drawing samples through up to 125’ of hose, it is one of the most powerful pumps available in any handheld gas detector. The Eagle comes with 5’ hose as standard. Low-flow alerts and shutoff prevents damage to the pump.
  • Long battery life: Alkaline batteries give the Eagle the ability to work for up to 30 hours continuously
  • Alarm-silencing option: Audible alarms may be turned off when needed, allowing to work without disturbing the neighbors!
  • Self-testing and auto calibration help you stay on top of maintenance for the Eagle
  • Data logging is a standard feature of the Eagle gas detectors, letting you analyze levels from around your site
  • Large buttons and a simple user interface make it incredibly easy to use, even when wearing safety gloves
  • Comfortable to use: A shoulder strap is included to keep the weight off, and a large handle makes it easy to operate
  • Ideal for environmental work: The Eagle series feature a methane elimination switch
Available Accessories:
  • Long sample hose
  • Special probes
  • Dilution fittings
  • Continuous operation adapters
  • Remote alarms and strobes
  • Internal hydrophobic filter
If The Eagle is too large, RKI Industries also offers the GX-2003 active sampling monitor or the 01 Series range of passive gas monitors.

Remember to calibrate every six months and regularly perform bump tests.

Part Number:
  • 72-5401RK

(To order calibration kit, please contact customer service)
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SKU RKI01-72-5401RK
Weight 25.0000
Brand RKI Instruments
MPN 72-5401RK
Type Multi-Gas
Gas Type %LEL, O2, H2S, CO
5th Sensor No
Color No
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