RKI 01 Series Single Gas Instrument 72-0008RK-01

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Please note: This product has been discontinued. The new version, the 03 Series, may be viewed here.

Personal gas monitors from the experts at RKI instruments; the RKI 01 series are lightweight, easy to use, passive gas-monitors that alert users to potentially dangerous levels of a variety of gases without getting in the way.

The OX-01, CO-01, HS-01 and GP-01 monitor for oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and combustible particles (LEL) are effective, easy to read monitors that provide safety without adding another layer of complexity to the job. Intuitive operation means a minimum of training time. Smart design allows over 3,000 hours of continuous operation on two AAA alkaline batteries (with the exception of the GP-01, which has a shorter life).

Available Monitor Types:
  • Oxygen: Vital for life, but combustible at high concentrations, low oxygen levels can result in suffocation.
  • Carbon Monoxide: OSHA, NIOSH and the CDC all consider CO to be highly dangerous. A potentially deadly gas, CO is colorless, odorless and essentially undetectable without the right equipment. Carbon monoxide is emitted from a range of common industrial processes including furnaces, propane fueled forklifts, welding equipment, generators and gas-powered pumps, as well as cars and trucks burning fossil fuel. CO needs to be constantly monitored, as exposure can restrict oxygen distribution in the body.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide: Explosive, toxic and an irritant, hydrogen sulfide can cause severe eye and respiratory effects even at moderate levels. H2S gas acts quickly and can affect a worker in a gas-concentrated area in just a couple of breaths. Because hydrogen sulfide is heavier than air, it tends to pool in confined spaces without adequate ventilation.
  • Lower Explosive Levels (LELs): A range of organic substances can emit compounds which are potentially flammable or combustible. The 01 Series LEL detector will scan the air for a broad range of potentially volatile compounds alerting the user should the mix reach dangerous levels.
The RKI 01 has pre-set alarms adjustable for specific jobsite needs by the operator. When gas thresholds are reached, the 01 series has three simultaneous alert modes: vibration, sonic and visible, flashing warning lights.

About the RKI Instruments 01 Series:
  • Long battery life: As passive gas detectors (unlike the GX-2001) they require very little power, allowing them to operate for 3,000 hours on two AAA batteries (aside from the GP-01 (LEL), which operates for 16 hours)
  • Replaceable sensors: Inexpensive sensors can be replaced, and each has an expected life of two years, helping you keep costs down
  • Extremely lightweight - 3.5 ounces - the RKI 01 doesn't encumber workers who need to wear the unit all day
  • Low battery alarm
  • Durable design: Each of the 01 Series is impact and water-resistant, certified as intrinsically safe, too
Part Numbers:
  • 72-0008RK-01 - OX-01 O2 with alligator clip
  • 72-0008RK-03 - OX-01 O2 with belt clip
  • 73-0044RK-01 - CO-01 0-500ppm with alligator clip
  • 73-0044RK-03 - CO-01 0-500ppm with belt clip
  • 73-0046RK-01 - HS-01 0-100ppm with alligator clip
  • 73-0046RK-03 - HS-01 0-100ppm with belt clip
  • 72-0033RK-01 - GP-01 0-100% LEL with alligator clip
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