RAE Systems NeutronRAE II Radiation Detector 047-0401-200

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NeutronRAE II is the first personal radiation detector to provide rapid detection of both gamma (Y) ray and neutron sources even in potentially flammable environments. Certified intrinsically safe and water-immersible for chemical decontamination purposes, the NeutronRAE II can be safely used in more environments than any other personal gamma and neutron radiation detector. This type of detector is sometimes referred to as a geiger counter.

Being certified intrinsically safe for Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, and D means that the NeutronRAE II will not initiate an explosion in environments where flammable gases, vapors or liquids containing acetylene, hydrogen, ethylene, propane or derivatives of those chemicals are present. This is important for responding to incidents at chemical and industrial facilities, as well as other locations where these chemicals might be used or stored.

The NeutronRAE II is designed for use in rough environments. It is immersible (IP67) in water for easy decontamination, and a concussion-proof case provides shock protection if the detector is dropped. The two-button operation is designed for use even in Level A protection suits with two layers of gloves.

The NeutronRAE II features fast response time for both the neutron and gamma radiation. The NeutronRAE II also has multiple alarm modes with bright flashing LEDs and loud audible and vibration alerts. Alarm modes can be set to operate in "Search Mode" based on local background radiation levels or "Safety Mode" providing high and low alarm levels based on absolute dose rates.

The NeutronRAE Pager is a rapid detector of gamma ray (gamma) and neutron sources. Its cesium iodide (CsI) and lithium iodide (LiI) scintillators provide low level detection in a compact unit and are 100’s of times more sensitive than a similar sized Geiger-Muller detector. Even low energy neutrons in the thermal range can be counted. The NeutronRAE alerts first responders to the presence of a radiation threat well before they might be exposed to health threatening levels. This same high sensitivity allows security personnel to instantly detect smuggled nuclear material. The NeutronRAE Pager is particularly useful for detecting neutrons from weapons grade plutonium (239Pu), which are much more difficult to shield than gamma rays. Outfitting a large number of security personnel with NeutronRAEs can help establish a “moving curtain” of radiation protection that can be more effective than large, fixed radiation detectors.

The NeutronRAE is a detector - not a personal dosimeter. Dosimeters are designed to track an individual’s exposure to radiation while working in a contaminated area. They are unable to instantaneously alarm to low-level radiation threats. The NeutronRAE packs the sensitivity of large radiation survey tools into a compact package that can protect first responders while at the same time catching “Bad Guys.”

The NeutronRAE alarm levels can be quickly and easily reset by the user to “zero out” background radiation levels for effective searching or to cancel out higher ambient radiation levels. The direct readout of gamma ray dosage rate with simultaneous counts per second (cps) allows users to always have a dosage rate reference point so that repeated zeroing will not allow radiation levels to go unnoticed.

Key Features:
  • Meets rigorous ITRAP (Illicit Trafficking Radiation Assessment) requirements for the detection of illicit trafficking of radioactive materials
  • Easy-to-read backlit display faces operator when worn on belt
  • Continuous digital readout in µR/h (µrem/h) for gamma and cps (counts per second) for neutron. Optional gamma display in µSv/h (µSieverts/h).
  • Two operation keys, simple programming
  • Calibrated for life
  • Two AA Alkaline battery lasts up to 800 hours
  • Built-in audio and vibration alarms
  • Automatic background level referencing on start-up and on user demand
  • Programmable alarm sensitivity with special background compensation algorithm to minimize false alarms
  • 30,000 point data logging storage capacity for data download to PC
  • Robust Construction - Passes drop test from 59 in. (1.5m) to hard concrete, water resistant for easy decontamination, Low EMI interference from cell-phones and portable radio, and an Integral belt clip
Radiation Monitoring Applications:

  • Alert First Responders to radioactive threats
  • Catch “Bad Guys” smuggling radioactive materials
  • Customs & border patrols
  • Law enforcement
  • Security officers in nuclear power facilities, banks, government laboratories, medical facilities
  • Military
  • Government agencies
  • Hazmat teams
  • Fire Departments

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