At some point it's likely your gas monitor will need to be repaired: sensors get old, pumps wear out and frequent use on the job site can take its toll. While gas monitors are made for rugged industrial work sites, they are also highly sensitive instruments. If your gas monitor is not performing correctly, or needs routine maintenance, contact Gas Sniffer customer service for expert technical repair and maintenance.

Our staff of trained and certified technicians can repair most makes of gas detectors and we are a Factory Authorized Service Center for both BW Honeywell and RAE Systems portable gas units.

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Gas Detector Calibration
Gas monitors need to be calibrated regularly. At Gas Sniffer, we carry automated calibration and bump test stations for BW Honeywell and RAE Systems monitors as well as calibration gas and sensors. However, if you do not want to invest in the equipment necessary to calibrate the monitors yourself, we offer calibration services. (For calibration of other brands of gas monitors, please contact Gas Sniffer customer service.)

We know repair time is down time for your gas monitors, so we get them repaired and returned to you quickly. To do this, we carry a long list of parts and calibration supplies including pumps, gas, regulators, electronics and replacement sensors, as well as bump test and auto-calibration stations for many major brands.

Calibration services we offer
Calibration supplies we sell