ACD CAL 2000 LT Electro-Chemical Cells 510-20

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Electro-chemical replacement cells for Advanced Calibration Design’s CAL 2000 LT. These cells generate the corrosive calibration gases needed to bump test and calibrate gas monitors. The CAL 2000 LT lets workers safely calibrate gas detector without the need for bulky and costly Liter Per Minute (LPM) gas-cylinders.

The CAL 2000 LT produces specific concentrations of these gases, so it's important to order the specific PPM for your needs.

If variable gas levels are required, take a look at the more flexible CAL 2000, which can generate any concentration from a single one of these electro-chemical cells.

10 or 25-hour cells are available for each gas and unlike LPM regulator cylinders, there is no shelf life, so storage and transportation of gas is not a problem.

These long-life cells offer unparalleled value when compared to their equivalent LPM gas cylinders.

A one-hour cylinder costs +/- $200 for an hour of gas; a 10-hour cell from ACD costs only $35/hr of gas. If your company needs to continually test its gas monitors, ACD has succeeded in offering a smarter, lower cost solution to buying pressurized cylinders.

Overview of Calibration Gas Solutions from ACD

Part Numbers:
510-2000-LT - Chlorine Cell, 10 hrs 1-25 ppm
510-2005-LT - Chlorine Cell, 25 hrs 1-25 ppm
510-2050-LT - Hydrogen Sulfide Cell, 10 hrs 1-25 ppm
510-2055-LT - Hydrogen Sulfide Cell, 25 hrs 1-25 ppm
510-2070-LT - Hydrogen Cyanide Cell, 10 hrs 1-25 ppm
510-2075-LT - Hydrogen Cyanide Cell, 25 hrs 1-25 ppm
510-2090-LT - Hydrogen Cell, 10 hrs 1-25 ppm
510-2095-LT - Hydrogen Cell, 25 hrs 1-25 ppm

Electrical devices must be certified by the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) before it can be sold in Canada. Similar to the UL, but a little tougher.
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