BW MicroDock II Docking Station, DOCKII

The MicroDock II by Honeywell is a simple docking station for the GasAlert range of gas detectors from BW Technologies: The MicroDock II is an expandable, customizable charging, calibration and test station. It allows you manage an entire fleet of devices with the press of a button.

With single-button calibration, data retrieval and testing you can simply and quickly maintain your set of detectors.


The GasAlert Max XT II, the Quattro, Micro Clip and each of the Micro Clip Extreme, and Micro 5 series are all compatible with the MicroDock II.

About the MicroDock II:
  • The MicroDock can run up to ten different modules simultaneously, giving you the flexibility to set up as needed
  • Each docking station will charge the unit
  • Quick calibration and bump testing: Simply attach the gas to each module and it will regulate the gas-flow and testing of each unit
  • LED Status indicators: Green, red and yellow LEDs clearly indicate PASS, FAIL and TESTING statuses for each unit
  • Alarm verification: As well as bump-testing the MicroDock II will verify the status of the audible and visual alarms on each device
  • Streamline your data retrieval process: The MicroDock II works seamlessly with the Fleet Manager II software for archival and analysis of information recorded by the gas detectors
  • Adjust Settings: The advanced settings of each device, such as changing alert and exposure limits, can be accessed via the MicroDock II
Honeywell offers so many detectors, that there are many different combinations of the MicroDock II to choose exactly what you need. Talk to us to discuss your needs and to get a quote request.

FAQ - How often do I need to calibrate my gas detector?

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Price $1,391.00
Weight 5.0000
Brand BW Honeywell
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Color Black
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