BW Clip 3 Year CO Single Gas Detector BWC3-M

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A new addition to the BW Honeywell line of products, The BW Clip 3-Year Detector CO 35ppm - 200ppm, is a new maintenance-free, Single gas detector. As your every day companion for hazardous environments, the BW Clip has everything you need - plus new features to make your gas detection easier, safer, and more reliable. It operates up to three years: Just turn on the device and it runs continuously — no need for calibration, sensor replacement, battery replacement or battery charging. That means great reliability and no downtime. Compatible with both the MicroDock II and the new IntelliDoX instrument management systems, the BW Clip is engineered to the highest standards of quality and reliability, keeping you safe and compliant. Use the hands-free Hard Hat Clip carrying accessory GA-HC-1 with any of the BW single gas monitors.

BW Clip Standard Features:

  • Maintenance-free: no sensor or battery changes necessary
  • Compact, lightweight design with one-button operation
  • Designed for a range of harsh environments and extreme temperatures
  • Automated self-test of battery, sensor and electronics
  • Wide-angle flash, which alerts simultaneously with audible and vibrating alarm
  • Automatic logging of the 35 most recent gas events and bump test results
  • Compatible with MicroDock II and Fleet Manager II software
  • Ip 66/67- can be submerged up to 1 meter
  • Extended event log - up to 35 events
  • Automated self test
  • Affordable, with low cost of ownership
  • 3 year maintenance free

Configurable Options with the IntelliDoX Management System:

  • Configuration of high and low alarm set points before the device is activated
  • Adjustment of alarm set points and other parameters as needed throughout the lifespan
  • Non compliance chirp indicator
  • Configuration without activation
  • Option to enable the noncompliance indicator, which flashes red when a bump test is due or a gas event occurs
  • Option to display gas reading during alarm
  • User settable bump test reminder
  • 7-8 sec Bump test with no more than 1 minute purge
  • Option to display the Real Time Clock

Use the unique advanced technology for safety compliance and productivity

  • Unique dual reservoir sensor design dramatically improves instrument performance, response time, and longevity compared to traditional electrochemical sensors and consistently delivers reliable instrument performance under the harshest environmental conditions
  • Reflex Technology advanced automated self-test function routinely checks the operating condition of the sensor to increase safety, up-time, and overall worker confidence

IntelliDoX instrument management system is the quickest bump test in the industry with configuration of alarm set points. It can perform different tests for up to five BW Clip detectors at once for maximum productivity with easy and accurate record-keeping. BW Clip Specifications:

  • Weight: 0.6 lbs.
  • Temperature: H2S, -40 to 122 Degrees F CO, -22 to 122 Degrees F
  • Humidity: 5 - 95 percent RH (non-condensing)
  • Alarms: Visual, vibrating, and audible
  • Typical Battery Life: 3 years

Part Number:

BWC3-M 3 Year CO 35-200

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Price $246.00
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Brand BW Honeywell
Type Single-Gas
Gas Type Carbon Monoxide (CO)
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  1. Gregory

    2015-03-18 23:00:09

    With the BWC3-M it appears the gas level does not show with the alarm unless you buy the Intellidox system with the detector. Is this so or can we get them that they show the levels. We are an EMS company and use CO dectectors on our person and a good thing to know levels when we call it in.

    1 answer
    1. Chris

      2015-03-18 23:00:09

      The BWC3-M is a 3 year disposable detector, and it does not display concentration by default. This can be changed by using the IntelliDox instrument management system. However, this can be an expensive solution if you don’t have a large number of detectors. BW offers other similar instruments that might be more economical, and answer your needs.
      The BW GasAlert Extreme Carbon Monoxide monitor has the digital display you are looking for. The size is about the same, and the useful life is not artificially limited. The sensor is warranted for 2 years, but will likely last longer than that. The battery is replaceable. The flip side of having a digital display is that you now need to have the unit calibrated every 6 months. With a cylinder of calibration gas and a regulator, it is easy to do. Or we can do it for you.

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