BW 4 Gas Standard Bump Test and Calibration Gas, CG-Q34-4

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Note: This item ships via UPS Ground due to HazMat restrictions and is not available for expedited shipping.

All gas monitors have to be bump tested and calibrated regularly to make sure they are functioning properly. This 34 Liter bump test and calibration gas for the BW Honeywell gas detection units contains specific gas concentrations.

Gas Concentrations:
  • Methane (CH4) - 2.5 percent
  • Oxygen (O2) - 18.0 percent
  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) - 25 ppm
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) - 100 ppm
Please Note:
Because of HazMat restriction, calibration gas must be shipped UPS Ground. Also note BW 4-gas calibration mix has a shelf life of two years. Don't use expired gas to calibrate or bump test a monitor.

For the Following Monitors:
Please Note:
The Micro 5 PID also requires the Isobutylene Calibration Gas.

How Often Do I Need To Calibrate My Monitor?

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  1. Amanda

    2015-02-25 01:02:48

    How many monitors will this product calibrate?

    1 answer
    1. Chris

      2015-02-25 01:02:48

      While there is no exact number of calibrations offered by the CG-Q34-4 quad cal gas, I can offer some guidelines. The recommended constant flow regulator for diffusion instruments puts out 0.5 liters per minute. The BW GasAlert Max gas detector has a 2 minute calibration cycle. One half liter per minute x 2 minutes = 1 liter of cal gas per calibration. Given that the cylinder contains 34 liters of gas, we should get approximately 34 calibrations.
      There are certainly variables here. How precisely the regulator is cycled on and off, how many bump tests you might do, etc. On pumped instruments, such as the GasAlert Max XT II, a demand flow regulator may be used in place of the constant flow type. This can conserve gas, as gas only flows when the instrument is pumping.

  2. Chris

    2016-06-21 16:29:40

    We've run out of our Draeger Calibration Gas (4-Gases), Can I use this product a substitute? Btw, we are the only company here who is using draeger and everybody else is using honeywell and MSA.

    1 answer
    1. Alan

      2016-06-21 16:29:26

      <p>It is highly recommended that you purchase the manufacturer's calibration gas to calibrate their equipment as it is a concentrated mixture that is specifically for their monitors.<br /><br /> However, it is possible, but you will need to adjust the settings on your monitor in order for it to calibrate correctly. <br /><br /> For additional information, please contact us at 1-800-829-9580, thank you</p>

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